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Find your Body's Balance the Natural Way at Natural Legends Nutritional Consulting!

Our bodies have an innate healing wisdom that can correct most degenerative health conditions, provided you give it all of the RAW MATERIALS it needs to do so!  I offer a unique form of assessment that pinpoints nutritional imbalances that may be missed by other methods of detection, along with technology that pinpoints hidden food, environmental, biological, and chemical sensitivities. 

We all differ nutritionally. Some of us have a very high need for one or more food factors because of inborn metabolic weaknesses, allergies, or stress. Food factors include things like vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and enzymes.

During my analysis, I will determine if there are any hidden food, biological, environmental, or chemical sensitivities that may be present, and find out what they are using BioScanMSA (meridian stress assessment) Technology, a painless, non-invasive procedure. 

Low-nutrient blood readings only show up when the body has been deprived for an extended period of time. Long before the body reaches a diseased state, it gives off subtle warning signs (sub-clinical symptoms) to warn its owner that corrective action is necessary. My assessments pick up on these sub-clinical warning signs and can be used alone, or in addition to other forms of medical or nutritional testing.

Regular Blood Work

Hidden Sensitivities

Food Factors


  • Bring supplements from home to see if they are bringing balance to you or not. 

  • Find a supplement(s) that will bring balance to you from a vast software library.

  • Have a customized homeopathic remedy prepared specifically for your unique needs.

Proper nutrition can help anyone with the following ailments: 

  • depression

  • low energy

  • low libido

  • heartburn

  • allergies

  • insomnia

  • high blood pressure

  • hair loss

  • weight gain

  • anxiety

  • constipation

  • memory loss

  • dry skin

  • acne

  • Candida

  • hormone imbalances

  • PMS

  • vitamin, mineral, amino- and essential-fatty acid deficiencies

  • digestive problems

  • intestinal parasites

  • thyroid imbalance

  • adrenal fatigue

  • heavy metals such as mercury and lead

  • bodily systems, e.g., circulatory, nervous, digestive

  • and more

My Contact Info:


Office:  (902) 657-3524
Cell:  (902) 890-4032

BioScanMSA Testing:  Great for adults and kids!  A full 58-point scan and nutritional assessment using various acupoints of the hands and feet.  The initial appointment takes about 90 minutes to complete. My system prioritizes your needs along with helping me pinpoint which nutrients, enzymes, and/or hormones may be deficient or out of balance.   I also check for parasites, Candida, and H.pylori.

Sensitivity testing ideally should be done after having a full BioScan.  This is because, often times, a parasitic/Candida cleanse is necessary first.  Otherwise, the client can be over-sensitive to everything.

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